Inspired from the postures and gestures of certain popular sporting disciplines, the mouvements compose  the syncopated framework that alternate sensations of familiarity and moments of surprise. Flirting between formel abstraction and acuteness of representation, the sporting imagination revisited opens a vast field of perceptions : pleasure of the gaze, investigation of  the senses, admiration, exaltation, astonishement or amusement.

The performance unfolds like a parade, through the sensuous exploration of erotic postures, oscillating between transvestism, blurring of appearances and seduction. The postures and fragments of mouvement follow one another similar to many a freeze frame, steering the gaze towards the detail, thence breaking up the unity of the body whilst making the time of the represention « skid », come to a halt.

The notion of performance is broken down here, at times as stage performance, through the directing of the bodies, at times as dance by the diverting of codes, through reversal and metatheatre.

But also a performance of seduction in the construction and the directing of the self in relation to or through the other.  Individuality dissolves itself into a feeling of eternity, of infinite joy, of communion with all things. The subject and the object become one.

Nirvana bends the rules, plays and un-plays with humour and subtelty the representations of the self and of the other. 

Idea and interpretation : Nadine Fuchs, Marco Delgado
Light design: Alice Dussart

Residences : Le Centquatre Paris, Tanzhaus Wasserwerk Zürich, Arsenic Lausanne
Production : Association Goldtronics, Lausanne

Support : Etat de Vaud, Corodis, Loterie Romande, Pro Helvetia.
Delgado Fuchs are the beneficiaries of a grant from the State of Vaud for the pre-determined duration of the years 2017-2019. 

© Alex Yocu