Great friendship always has something about love, exclusive, immediate, alchemy as inexplicable as carnal desire. __Virginie Despentes

With DOS, we continue the multidisciplinary explorations of the Delgado Fuchs collective and break with the usual composition of our duo Marco Delgado and Nadine Fuchs. The meeting is woven here between Valentin Pythoud, carrier-acrobat, and Marco Delgado, dancer-performer.

Thwarting the codes, the two men agree their different bodies for a dance, a wobbly parade of seduction between a strong and a graceful man. This new couple forms a poetic duet that seeks to imbalance their body and their generation. They play with subtle humor proper to the work of Delgado Fuchs and instill a slight eroticization of movement, the resistance of the flesh.

One thousand two hundred seventy-eight muscles, two hearts, 3kg and 200grams of the brain, two lungs, 412 bones, 4,1m square of skin, 103 liters of fluids, 12m of the small intestine, 60'000 billion cells, 200'000 billion bacteria, 150'000 hairs, …

Conception, choreography: Delgado Fuchs in collaboration with Valentin Pythoud
Dancers: Valentin Pythoud, Marco Delgado
Artistique collaboration: Nadine Fuchs
Music: Erkin Koray

Co-production, residency: Usine à Gaz, Nyon, Centquatre Paris
Support: The collective Delgado Fuchs are the beneficiaries of a grant from the State of Vaud for the pre-determined duration of the years 2014–2019. Loterie Romande, Ville de Nyon, SIS Schweizerische interpreten Stiftung.

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Delgado Fuchs