Second Act ; Sexual Healing



Second act. Sexual Healing is above all a time, this present moment, constantly updated, where the dancers and the audience face each other, observe each other, encounter each other. It is also a space, the symbolic place of this meeting, made concrete by the stage. Rearranged, reconfigured, this seems to emphasise what applied a little while before and is already no longer entirely true or entirely in touch with the present.

Intimately blending constructed compositions and improvisations, this work in some way effaces the “before,” a time of choreographed gestures, in order to concentrate on the “now,” a time in which all these gestures are repeated or improvised. It also demonstrates that the roles of choreographers and dancers are never entirely distinct but on the contrary they constantly draw sustenance from each other.

The area of the stage, rearranged in real time before the eyes of the audience, conjures up different universes that make up a multihued whole with accents that are at times joyful, at times more serious. A mirror of the inner space of the two dancers, the stage thus becomes the place of all possible ones, the territory of the here and now.

>> Download Presse: Der Bund, 2005, Marianne Mühlemann (PDF)

© Caroline Minjolle