Rencontre arrangée



Even if it is arranged – agreed in advance, since it is scheduled – the meeting is no less disturbing or at least disconcerting. First of all because the table for this unusual dinner is laid in the open air, outside on the flat roof of a building. Then, because the encounter between the performers and the audience is only made possible with the aid of an audiovisual device, it therefore comes over from the start as displaced, deceptive or improbable.

Through the setting and the action of this performance, the separate universes of the performers and the audience coalesce. The audiovisual device allows one to see live images of the performance as it occurs in another place. However, the projected images offer a different view of it. On the face of it, there is no continuity between the scene of the meal shared by the two diners and the very large scale images that reveal areas of their bodies and skin. The video equipment brings about a translation phenomenon where the object looked at is no longer the same as the object of the performance. A play on points of view, a transgression of the joint presence of the audience and the artiste, a scrambling of perception ...

Rencontre arrangée is the metamorphosis of a physical body into its most superficial expression, its texture. The cameras that record the images in real time slide from one skin to another, brush the subtle oscillations of flesh in motion and transform simple, elementary actions like chewing into a fleeting, mobile and abstract tableau.