Le tour d’bebel



An invitation to a “subliminal” voyage where global consciousness develops beyond conscious perception, a reverie interrupted by moments of strange banality, a series of bitter-sweet short scenes, the TOUR D'BEBEL lays the foundations for a portable construction. Through the various moments and developments of this work there is a collision of impressions, of fragments of memory, of images… that movement liberates and makes briefly accessible.

Arranged on the stage like scenery and at the same time the centre of the action, a block pierced with windows disguises and reveals the dancers' bodies. This simple, crude architecture defines a space but without ever totally containing the movement which feverishly overflows it. 

Choreography, interpretation: Nadine Fuchs, Marco Delgado
Music: Malcolm Braff
Light : François Saint-Cyr
Scenery : Delgado Fuchs

Production : Association Cie DeFu
Supported by : Ville de Vevey, Pro Helvetia – Fondation suisse pour la culture, Pourcent culturel Migros, Burgergemeinde Bern, Corodis

>> Download Presse: 24heures, 2002, Jean-Pierre Pastori (PDF)
>> Download Presse: 24heures, 2002, Fabienne Rossier (PDF)

© Delgado Fuchs