Et Rebelote



Work in progress which is open to many potential collaborations.

Acting out a game of questions and answers, the two artistes present the duel in its most direct form, at its rawest. The audience, made into an accomplice, follows the meanders of a live creation while the two artistes take the time to explore the private language that is created from the process of improvisation, constantly distancing themselves from already familiar movements and tired gestures.

This dialogue forms a fragile bridge between the universes of the two artistes and allows the respective substance of the pair to cross over: Marco Delgado marks off and builds the space before the eyes of the audience and Malcom Braff makes this ephemeral construction vibrate and gives it new expression.

>> Download Presse: La Presse Riviera Chablais, 2004, Mireille Schnorf (PDF)

© Nadine Fuchs