China Connection



A scene, white, almost empty, open. Three chairs, like a sketch of a waiting room. Three people are there, static, props made available. Each one in turn is fashioned, interpreted, (per)formed by one of the other two.

Diverted in this way from its primary meaning, the body becomes ready made, a manifestation whose successive meanings are constructed through the eyes of the audience.

In the sequence of gestures and actions a silent dialogue is initiated with the audience as witness or accomplice, a game of glances, provocation, increasing tension, liberation. This interaction of stage and audience influences the work, feeds its development. At the same time, it poses a fundamental question which contains a second one: what are the limits of representation? And those of interpretation?

Connections, intersections. The process of “production” draws on other forms of artistic research, the contamination between disciplines is fertile, joyful. It allows bodies and movement to be reconsidered as dancers but outside dance.

© Michael Pfister